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A Cold, Dark Universe

The first graphic novel project from Black Hole Comics. Originally on Kickstarter in October 2020, this anthology features science-fiction comics with the theme of hope in a dark world. 124 pages of colorful comics for anyone who loves diverse and interesting stories from up-and-coming creators.

Written by: Nick Couture, Toren Chenault, Gabe Gonzalez, Kacey Flynn, Candace Rugg, Luis Santamarina, Jarred Luján, and Calvin Sanders

Art by: Gabbie Scanlon, Christine Gutierrez, Luis Santamarina, Alec Smith, Domonick "Pickle" Rocket, Elizabeth Malette, Kasey Quevedo, Kiana Lynn

Edited by: Toren Chenault, Sara Harding, Christine Gutierrez

Lettered by: Rob Jones

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brutal intuition

BRUTAL INTUITION is an 11-page short that takes a hard stance against police brutality. It shows a world where police can have their biases measured through futuristic technology.

Written by Morgan Hampton

Art by Alissa Sallah

Letters by Nathan Kempf

Edited by Toren Chenault

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Swaddled circuits

What is love worth? This twelve-page digital short attempts to answer that question as we follow a woman desperate to get her baby back.

Written by: Anthony Cleveland

Art by: Jenny Odio

Letters by: Nathan Kempf

Edited by: Toren Chenault


Cross bones style

By Tom Ravid, Gianmaria Orlandi, Nathan Kempf, Nena Maree, and Toren Chenault


GRIMMOR is a nasty planet. Nasty as it gets. It'll spit you out faster than it can chew you. This 10 page sci-fi short follows two resistance fighters as they try to survive this f*cked up planet. Fun, colorful, and brought to you by a diverse, talented team of creators



By Alec Smith, Nathan Kempf, and Toren Chenault

What are you willing to risk for progress? This short ten page horror comic sees a man end his decades long fight with a swamp monster. Download it for free now!

Art by Alec Smith

Letters by Nathan Kempf

Written by Toren Chenault

Get In the Name of Progress



By Morgan Hampton, Malcolm Johnson, and Bolaji Olaloye

Inspired by the painting of the same name by Winslow Homer, this short comics is the story of a man and his battle with the sea. He's determined to get home, but nature seems determined to keep him. It's 13 pages of wonderfully written, drawn, and colored comics. 

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