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WHY NOT YOU? A BHC Short Story Contest. Rules and Guidelines to Apply

If you're reading this, welcome to Black Hole Comics and Entertainment's first ever short story contest! Black Hole Owner, Toren Chenault here, and I just want to talk a bit about this contest and why we're doing it in the first place. If you don't care and want to skip all of this go ahead and scroll down to the bottom to see how you can enter the contest.

If this is your first time on our site, click around, check out some stories and my comic. You can read about the company culture and values here. This company is young, we have a lot of room to grow. The main reason I decided to start Black Hole is because I want people to have a voice. I want people to have a platform to get their stories out to the world, no matter if it's in a short story or a comic. Creativity. Innovation. Diversity. Those are the three pillars of Black Hole and what we'll always put first over everything else.


And this brings us to this contest. Another reason why Black Hole exists is because I want to be the change I want to see in comics, in publishing, in writing, and in the industry in general. Who you know is always a big factor when it comes to getting a break in any industry, and that's not fair. Doing the work should be enough. Your voice, not your uncle's, cousin's, or friend's connections, should matter. So I ask the very simple question Why Not You? Why shouldn't you win this writing contest? Why shouldn't it be published on our site? There's no reason, no barrier, no ceiling. Why. Not. You?

You ready to enter the contest? Well, here are the rules and guidelines to apply: Oh, and the contest is completely FREE to enter

1. Every story must be at least 1,000 words and cannot go over 3,000 words.

2. All work must be original, unpublished work

3. To enter the contest, you MUST follow Black Hole on social media. Either Twitter (@BHCEnt) or Instagram (@blackholecomics)

And that's it. The genre of story doesn't matter, anything that represents who you are as a writer is acceptable. The contest will be judged by myself and Black Hole co-founder Nick Couture. Entries will be accepted until May 31st 11:59 PM/EST and the winner will be announced before June 30th.

But what do you get if you win?

The grand prize for the contest is $200. The winning story will also be published on Black Hole for all to see.

Are you ready to enter now? Got that unique one-of-a-kind story ready? You've got until May 31st. Click the Google Form link below to apply:

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