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It's been a long and somewhat chaotic month since our contest closed on May 31st. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe during this time. But, we made it, you all wrote some amazing stories and today, we're here to announce the winners for our short story contest. Our first one ever, actually. One where we asked a very simple question: Why Not You?

We would like to reiterate something that was said via our Twitter the other day. We did this contest to establish ourselves in the creative space while also giving a platform to talented writers. We know how hard it is for people to put themselves out there. And we absolutely detest the notion that not winning a contest means you are not a worthy writer. You are. Your voice is needed. Keep learning, keep writing, and keep empowering yourself through your words.

This contest was judged by Black Hole co-founders Toren Chenault and Nick Couture. The main thing they were looking for were stories that were different, stories that took creative chances while also maintaining solid structure. Stories that pushed boundaries and dared to be different and remind us of some valuable life lessons, all while being entertaining as well. Just because your story wasn't picked doesn't mean it doesn't have these qualities, our winners just had a bit more.

And now, the winners. Three top prizes. And we decided to do four honorable mentions each with cash prizes as well.

1st Place ($200) - Harikrishnan Mankada Covilakam

2nd Place ($100) - AnnE Ford

3rd Place ($50) - Nelson Vicens

Honorable Mentions ($25 Each)

Grant DeArmitt

Ian Tigomain

Shriharshita Venkat Chakravadhanula

Aidan Catriel

Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you again to everyone for entering. Winners, check your email for information regarding payment.

Be sure to check our Twitter and Instagram for updates on when the stories will be published. We'll be starting to publish the stories next week.

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